1.1 Website

http://www.xrayted.zone.com is an online service that provides information on the terms and conditions on the acquisition of Tokens created in the ERC standard (hereinafter referred to as “Token”) according to the rules outlined in these Terms and Conditions, the Website, and other documents visible and made available via the Website. Tokens can be acquired through third-party application Coinbase NFT.

1.2 Services

These Terms and Conditions specified the rules for the use of the Website available at: http://www.xrayted.zone.com, as well as the providing electronic services through it. The Service Provider manages the Website, while the Users purchasing Tokens can establish relations based on separate regulations or terms and conditions of service.

1.3 Terms and Conditions and other documents

Every user must comply with these Terms and Conditions as soon as they start using the website. The content of the Terms and Conditions is available to Users on the Website. The User must familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of these terms is optional but necessary for using the website.

The documents for users are available electronically on the website and can be stored and reproduced as part of their normal activities.

1.4 Acquisition of Tokens

 The User acknowledges and accepts that the Service Provider manages the website http://www.xrayted.zone.com, while acquiring Tokens within the blockchain network (Ethereum or other equivalent) the User establishes a relationship based on separate regulations or terms of service, including in particular but not limited to on the basis of the information and documents found on page https://nft.coinbase.com/ or others to which the Website currently redirects, towards the payment for the Tokens.


  1. Service Provider – http://www.xrayted.zone.com, Marta Gallery LLC.

  2. User – a natural person, a legal entities or an organisational unit without legal personality, to which separate acts grant legal capacity;

  3. Website – http://www.xrayted.zone.com;

  4. Token – a term, referring to a unit of value of an asset in the ERC standard within the blockchain network (Ethereum or equivalent), the holder of the token has the right to perform actions in accordance with the information contained on the website and on the websites of third parties that are cooperating with the website. The exact actions that can be performed using the token depend on the information stored on the blockchain and the specific rules and regulations of the network;

  5. ICT system – a set of cooperating IT hardware and software components, ensuring the processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunication networks by means of a terminal device appropriate for a given type of network.


3.1 Agreement

Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, a contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded between the Service Provider and the User. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time. By entering into the Token Distribution Process, the User enters into the Agreement for the provision of electronic services and confirms that he/she has familiarised himself/herself with the Terms and Conditions, and also has familiarised himself/herself with in particular:

  1.  Regulations of third parties that participate in the Token Distribution Process, e.g. Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/) ;

  2. Scope of Services provided;

  3. The existence of the risks described in the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers.

3.2 User

Individuals, legal persons and other organisational units to which separate acts grant legal capacity may enter the Token Distribution Process. The age of majority is not required to acquire Tokens.

    1. Conditions

By participating in the Token Distribution Process, the User confirms that he/she has read and understands these Terms and Conditions and, especially, with the mechanisms of functioning of the software and applications based on blockchain technology and the risk in terms of the possibility of losing all invested funds. These Regulations constitute a binding agreement for the provision of services by electronic means between the User and the Service Provider and apply to all Users who access or use the Website (including by merely viewing content posted via the Website). On the other hand, the User enters into separate agreements with third parties, such as Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), on the basis of the Terms and Conditions in force there – the agreements are concluded due to the fact that these entities provide services/participate in the Token Distribution Process.

3.4 User activities

Is not required from the User to create an Account on the Website in order to use its services. However, the User is obliged to set up all necessary actions on Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/) in accordance with the requirements of these services in order to purchase Tokens. In order to purchase Tokens, the User is obliged to connect his/her account to his/her wallet (e.g. Coinbase), in accordance with the information available on the aforementioned services.

3.5 Token distribution process statements

The User declares that he/she is acting in his/her own name and on his/her own behalf in this Token Distribution Process. The User also declares that the funds used to enter the Token Distribution Process come from legitimate sources. The User acknowledges and accepts that the Token is not:

  1. document in registered form, to order or issued to bearer, as well as a financial instrument and a unit or investment certificate within the meaning of the relevant national laws at the Service Provider’s place of business;

  2. a retail collective investment product within the meaning of Article 4. of Regulation (EU) No. 1286/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on key information documents for retail collective investment products and insurance investment products (PRIIPs) and is not subject to state-guaranteed regulation.

3.6 Statements regarding the Service Provider’s activities

The User, declares that he/she accepts the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, without reservations or additions, and acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. The process of distributing Tokens is not a public offering, an alternative investment fund management activity or an activity carried out by an investment fund, and that the activity of the Service Provider is not a banking activity or an insurance or reinsurance activity within the meaning of the relevant national laws;

  2. The Service Provider does not mediate in any way in the transaction of acquiring Tokens and therefore cannot guarantee that the Token distribution process, as well as the acquisition of Tokens itself, will bring the User the results, outcomes or economic or financial benefits expected by the User. At the same time, the User declares that the Service Provider has in no way made such guarantees or assurances to the User.

In addition, the User confirms and accepts that the Service Provider does not offer any services related to securities and that the Service Provider is not an entity that transfers any money to Users or other persons or third parties. The Service Provider does not provide investment, financial, tax or legal advice. Any information or application provided in connection with the Service does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other type of advice.

3.7 KYC/AML verification

The Service Provider or entities cooperating with it within the framework of the activities performed by the User on the Website or in connection with the acquisition of Tokens or joining this Process, are allowed to perform verification of the User to the extent specified in the relevant international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML) laws, even though it does not provide services in the field of virtual currencies and is therefore not a mandatory institution. It is specified that the entity performing such verification, may perform it again in case of reasonable doubt.

§ 4. TOKEN

4.1 Basic information

 The User, through applications and services of third parties, including in particular the Ethereum blockchain network, gains the possibility to acquire Tokens as a digital representation of the value generated on the blockchain network. The details on how to acquire Tokens and their value expressed in price – is determined in each case by the third parties or the services of these third parties – e.g. OpenSea (https://opensea.io/) or Metamask (www.metamask.io) or Rarible (https://rarible.com/), in terms of the User’s payment for the acquisition of these Tokens.


4.2 Token

The Token is a form of value that has been generated on the Ethereum blockchain network in the ERC standard. Receipt of the Tokens by the User, takes place immediately via the blockchain network, once the User has correctly made the payment in accordance with section 4.1. All information about the Tokens is posted through the third-party services to which the Website redirects.

At the same time, the process of acquiring Tokens, is in no way dependent on the activities performed by the Service Provider, and in view of the close connection of Tokens to the financial markets over which the Service Provider has no control, the User acknowledges and accepts that all rights with regard to the possibility of withdrawal from the contract in the sense of withdrawal from the acquisition of Tokens have been excluded due to:

  1. the object of the services provided (provision of digital content);

  2. making payments in virtual currencies, which are linked to a financial market over which the Service Provider has no control, resulting in the volatility of their (virtual currencies) price.

The User acknowledges and accepts that all transactions for the acquisition of Tokens are final and no refunds of Tokens acquired (purchased) are possible.

4.3 Compliance with the rules

Each User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with its intended use, applicable laws, social and moral norms and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The User is obliged to protect all his/her passwords and private keys (allowing access to Tokens), from access by third parties.

4.4 Unauthorized access

The Service Provider does not process or retain access data to manage Tokens, including the Users’ private keys. The User is obliged to protect the access data to Tokens, including access data to third-party applications, e.g. Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), because in case of their loss, the Service Provider is not able to recover this data. In case of loss of access data, including in particular the private keys, there may be a situation in which the User irretrievably loses all Tokens he has acquired and assigned to the respective wallet address, for which the Service Provider is not liable.

Any consequences arising from third parties gaining access to passwords, keys or other data enabling access to Tokens belonging to the User shall not give rise to any liability on the part of the Service Provider.

4.5 Taxation of Tokens

The User is obliged to determine how and according to which law the taxation will take place in connection with his/her acquisition of Tokens, and shall be obliged to pay this tax to the competent tax authorities for the respective User. The Service Provider shall in no way be liable for the incorrect tax settlement of the individual User, due to the acquisition of Tokens by the User.

4.6 Knowledge of blockchain technology

The User declares that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with these Terms and Conditions, as well as with the Token Distribution Process and its mechanisms, and has received all the necessary information and data he/she considers sufficient to make a decision on the acquisition of Tokens, and that he/she has extensive knowledge of the operation, use or usability of software and applications based on blockchain technology. All transactions for the acquisition of Tokens are carried out automatically, based on the User’s decisions and orders made by the User. The User is solely responsible for determining whether the decision to acquire Tokens is appropriate for him or her. If the User is in doubt about the operation of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies or the rules for acquiring Tokens, he or she should contact his or her own advisor before taking any action on the Website or the services where Token acquisition is possible.


5.1 Settlement value

The User declares that the unit of account for the acquisition of Tokens, in connection with the accession to the Token Distribution Process, is the cryptocurrencies, as defined in each case by the third parties or the services of these third parties, e.g. Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), which enable the acquisition of Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain network (or equivalent), via ICT links.

5.2 Fee and lead time

The fees are determined in each case by the third parties or the services of these third parties (e.g. Metamask or equivalent) enabling the acquisition of Tokens. By proceeding to acquire Tokens, the User agrees to pay the current fees:

  1. per Token – the amount of which depends on when the User acquires the Token and on the number of Tokens acquired by the User, in accordance with the information provided on the Website;

  2. any other necessary fees in respect of the delivery of Tokens to him (the User), including in particular but not exclusively blockchain network fees and third party service fees.

Delivery lead time of Tokens shall be automatic and shall depend on the individual payment processor used by the User at the time. The realization in terms of the delivery of Tokens to the individual User is, as a rule, realized immediately if the User makes the payment correctly, in accordance with the messages posted on the website of the individual payment processor, subject to the possibility of extending this deadline in the event of situations beyond the Service Provider’s control, such as technical interruptions, blockchain network failures or the occurrence of force majeure in the broadest sense.


6.1 Notification of infringements

All reports related to the functioning of the Website and the provision of services through it, as well as questions concerning the use of the Website should be directed to the Service Provider. The report should contain in its content: the User’s data, including contact details, the reason for the report, a detailed description and the reason for the report.

Any breaches in the acquisition of Tokens should only be addressed to third parties providing services for the acquisition of these Tokens on the blockchain network, as posted on Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), among others.

6.2 Examination of the notification

Within 30 days from the date of receipt of a claim related to the functioning of the Website and the provision of services through it, the Service Provider shall consider the claim and inform the User of the result of its consideration. This period may be extended if the consideration of the complaint requires special knowledge or the Service Provider meets other difficulties beyond its control, or if it is necessary to get additional information from the User. A response to the complaint will be provided by the Service Provider to the email address from which it was received. If the User sends a complaint in electronic form, he/she agrees to receive a response from the Service Provider also in electronic form.

The Service Provider is not involved in the processing of requests/complaints submitted to third parties providing services for the acquisition of Tokens on the blockchain network. In this respect, the information provided by these entities in particular in the Terms and Conditions is binding. In particular, the Service Provider is not responsible for whether the complaint is considered/resolved, whether the third parties provide a timely response, etc.

6.3 Reservations

The Service Provider reserves the right not to respond to a complaint without justification in particular to the extent that the complaint has already been dealt with previously in relation to the User concerned.

6.4 Consent to be contacted by email

If the User or a third party sends a request to the Service Provider in electronic form, this constitutes consent to receive a response from the Service Provider in electronic form.


7.1 Technical requirements

In order to use the electronic services provided as part of the Website, the User should meet the following technical requirements necessary for the cooperation with the Service Provider’s ICT system: possessing a device allowing the use of the Internet, connection to the Internet, having a browser allowing the display of websites, e.g. Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and higher, or Opera versions 7 and higher, or Firefox versions 1 and higher, or Google Chrome versions 5.0 and higher, or Safari versions 5 and higher, with cookies enabled, supporting encrypted SSL connections and JavaScript, and having an active email account, i.e. an email address.

In order to use the services of third parties, e.g. Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), which participate in the Token Distribution Process, the User must fulfill the technical requirements specified in the Terms and Conditions of these services.

7.2 Technical risks

The Service Provider warns that the use of electronic services may involve technical risks, typical of the use of IT systems. Users should protect their electronic connections and devices from unauthorized access.

The Service Provider warns that the use of third-party services e.g. Coinbase NFT (https://nft.coinbase.com/), may involve increased risks in terms of blockchain technology, standard for software based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Users should secure their electronic connections and devices against unauthorized access, including, in particular but not exclusively, installing anti-virus software and securing their wallet, e.g. Coinbase, in accordance with the recommendations posted on the website of this entity or others providing the same services.

7.3 Technical breaks

The Service Provider has the right to temporarily or permanently stop or limit the operation of the Website. Especially, the Service Provider is entitled to carry out maintenance work on the Website in order to restore the security and stability of the ICT system. Accordingly, the User acknowledges and accepts that he/she does not have any claims in connection with such interruption or restriction of access to the Website.

7.4 Other third party sites

TThe Service Provider must ensure that it clearly identifies any websites and services managed by third parties, which offers a separate service, unrelated to the Service Provider’s activity, in accordance with the information indicated in these Terms and Conditions. However, the Service Provider is not responsible for the content and the relationship established with another entity by the User. The User, in such a situation, should in each case exercise due diligence in order to determine with which entity a possible relationship is established and to which third party service was redirected through the Service Provider’s website.


8.1 Authorized entity

All rights to the Website, the copyrights to the Website, also to its individual parts, especially to the text, graphic and multimedia elements and to the software elements generating and operating the Website, including industrial property rights and any other derivative rights, are vested in the Service Provider.

8.2 Licence

Upon using the Website and agreeing and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the User, the Service Provider grants the User a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Website for the duration of their use of the service. The licence is granted for the duration of the User’s use of the Website in accordance with its purpose and in a manner consistent with these Terms and Conditions. The non-exclusive licence granted to the User, is not allowed the user to grant additional licenses or act outside the scope of the license granted.

8.3 Copyright associated with Tokens.

The Service Provider declares that it is the copyright holder of the works associated with the Tokens.

The Service Provider, in connection with the purchase of Tokens by the User through services provided by third parties, grants the User a non-exclusive licence, unlimited in time and territory, to use the work externalised on the Token in question within the scope of the following areas of exploitation:

  1. in terms of recording and reproducing the work – production of copies of the work using a specific technique, including printing, reprography, magnetic recording and digital technique;

  2. within the scope of trading in the original or copies on which the work has been fixed – marketing, lending or leasing the original or copies;

  3. to the dissemination of the work by public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction and broadcasting and re-broadcasting, as well as to the making of the work available to the public in such a way that everyone can access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them.

The Licensee (User), within the scope of his/her authorisation, may grant further sub-licences to which the Licensor (Service Provider) agrees. The remuneration for the granting of licences and further sub-licences is included in the purchase price of the Tokens at the time of the original purchase of the Token.

The Licensor points out that the copyrightr specified above are the only ones that can be transferred in accordance with the applicable law (that can be transferre via Internet transaction). In the event of a desire to acquire the copyright of the Tokens together with the Tokens, the Licensor is prepared to transfer these rights in this respect and therefore requests that you contact us by e-mail.

8.4 Breach of Licence

If the User violates the rules of use of the Website or the terms of the licences granted, the Service Provider is entitled to block the User’s access to the Website and to revoke the granted licence. The above does not affect the Service Provider’s right to take other appropriate and legally allowed actions in connection with the violation.


9.1 Data processing

By providing the Service Provider with any personal or identification data, the User agrees to the inclusion of such data in the Service Provider’s collection and to the processing of such data in order to carry out certain tasks, as outlined in this document. The Service Provider shall or may process the Users’ personal data in accordance with the data provided, including in particular identification and contact data. The administrator of the data is the Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”).

The Administrator will handle personal data in accordance with relevant laws. The User is responsible for providing false personal data. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the User agrees to the terms and conditions for collecting, processing and securing personal data relating to the use of the Website.

9.2 Respect for privacy

The Administrator will make every effort to ensure that personal data are processed with the utmost respect for the privacy of the data subject and with the utmost care for the security of the personal data processed, and in particular shall ensure that all legal measures are taken to secure the personal data files.

9.3 Protection measures

The Administrator implements technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed personal data appropriate to the risks and categories of data protected, and in particular to protect the data against unauthorized disclosure, processing in violation of the law, and loss, damage or destruction.

9.4 Scope and purpose of processing

The Administrator processes the User’s personal data in order to:

  1. to fulfill the legal obligations of the Service Provider;

  2. to provide marketing and advertising services and to send commercial information;

  3. the use of data communication terminal equipment and automatic triggering systems – for marketing purposes.

9.5 Data profiling

The processing of personal data includes creating profiles of Users on the basis of their behavior, interests, reliability and preferences (including their purchasing preferences). Based on the profiling, Users are provided with specific content that may be of interest to them.

9.6 Data sharing

In order to fulfil its obligations, the Administrator may share the collected personal data to entities, including: employees, collaborators, suppliers, payment system operators, entities providing operational, legal, accounting and IT services to the Service Provider. The amount of information disclosed is each time limited to the necessary minimum in each case.

9.7 Traffic analysis

The Administrator is authorized to use tools designed to analyse traffic on the Website, such as Google Analytics. This includes collecting information on User activity and behavior. The Administrator uses this data to research the market and traffic on the Website and to create statistics, in particular to assess interest in the content posted,and improve the Website and to fulfil its obligations in the area of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. The data collected will be processed anonymously and used only for statistical purposes or to ensure proper use of the Website.

9.8 Principles of personal data processing

The Administrator will follow the following principles for the processing of personal data:

  1. saving the collected personal data only on storage media which are protected against access by third parties;

  2. notifying personal data sets or appointing persons to perform the required duties in this respect;

  3. to supervise the security of personal data throughout the period of their possession, in particular to ensure protection against unauthorised access, damage, destruction or loss;

  4. make personal data available to the competent authorities on the basis of applicable legislation;

  5. maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

The personal data processed by the Administrator will not be disclosed in a way that allows any identification of the User, unless the User has given his/her consent or the obligation to disclose such information results from applicable laws.

9.9 User rights

The Administrator will ensure that the applicable rules for the processing of personal data comply with the Users’ rights under the applicable legislation, in particular the right of access to data, rectification, updating, deletion, restriction of processing, portability of own data, lodging an objection, withdrawal of consent, lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority.


10.1 Types of Cookies

The Administrator can use the following types of Cookies for the functioning of the Website:

  1. temporary, which are deleted when you leave the Website or when you close your web browser;

  2. permanent, which are stored on the User’s terminal equipment for an indefinite period of time or until they are manually deleted by the User;

  3. statistics, used to track traffic on the Website;

  4. functional, enabling personalisation of the Website in relation to the User;

  5. advertising, which allows us to provide you with content tailored to your personal preferences;

  6. mandatory and security rules, which relate to the Website’s security behavior and authentication rules.

10.2 Usage objectives

The Administrator uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. to optimise and increase efficiency in the Service Provider’s operations;

  2. To correctly set up the functions available on the Website;

  3. personalise the content displayed and target advertising on the Website;

  4. maintain the security and reliability of the Website;

  5. To collect and use general and publicly available statistical data through analytical tools.

10.3 Application objectives

Administrator uses cookies to determine which sub-pages are most frequently visited, which browsers are used by visitors and whether the structure of the Website contains any errors.

10.4 Configuration of cookies

Cookies stored on the User’s devices can be used by other entities that affect the quality of use of the Website. The User may, at any time, change his/her own settings concerning Cookies, specifying the conditions for storing and accessing Cookies on the User’s devices. The User can change the settings referred to above by means of the settings of his/her Internet browser or by configuring the Service or Services. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of Cookies in the web browser or to inform the User of the placement of Cookies on the User’s device.

10.5 User rights

The User has the right to delete Cookies at any time using the settings available in the Internet browser used. Restricting or blocking Cookies by the Internet browser will not prevent the User from viewing content posted through the Website, but may cause difficulties in using the Website. It is recommended that you use software which enables the handling of cookies.

10.6 Copyright and intellectual property

All rights to the Website, including copyrights to the Website as well as to its individual parts, in particular to text, graphic, multimedia and programming elements, including industrial property rights and all other subsidiary rights, with the exception of content provided by payment operators, belong to the Service Provider.


11.1 Date of entry into force and amendment of these Terms and Conditions

The Service Provider has the right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. If this occurs, the Service Provider will inform about the changes to the Terms and Conditions in a visible place on the Website, including in particular by posting the new version of these Terms and Conditions on the Website.

11.2 Addendum and information contained in the Terms and Conditions

The lack of legal basis or the incompleteness of any of the clauses contained in these Terms and Conditions does not mean that the entire Terms and Conditions lose legal force. The provisions will be replaced with those which most closely reflect the meaning and purpose of the existing provisions.

11.3 Disputes

Any disputes related to these Terms and Conditions will first be resolved in a friendly manner, by mutual agreement between the User and the Service Provider. The User acknowledges and accepts that an amicable dispute resolution procedure is a condition precedent that must be fulfilled before any legal proceedings can be initiated. In such a situation, the User is obliged to contact the Service Provider in accordance with the conditions indicated in § 6 of these Terms and Conditions.

In the event that the condition referred to above is fulfilled, and amicable resolve cannot be reached, the dispute related to these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the Court having jurisdiction over the place of business of the Service Provider, in the case of disputes with entrepreneurs. In the case of a dispute with a consumer, the courts of general jurisdiction shall have jurisdiction.

Last modified on February 7, 2023.